"The last two years, we have contracted Luke to speak to hundreds of students at our youth camp. Luke is by far the favorite communicator of these students. He communicates God's truth in fresh, challenging, honest ways. Luke uses the Bible and his own journey to unpack a better life for students.  Additionally, Luke spends time getting to know students & pastors individually. He changes his messages throughout the week in order to adapt to the unique blend of students.  We have been honored to work with Luke & would recommend him for any speaking or leadership role."

Derek Beauchamp, Youth Programming Director, United Christian Youth Camp

"Having volunteered in the Church almost all my life, serving with Luke was by far the best experience I've had. It was always clear that the main purpose of everything he did was to glorify Christ and reach those that are lost. He is a phenomenal leader, making everyone feel valued and part of the team. He encouraged us in our walks with Christ and he always empowered the youth coaches to reach students in the way God was leading them. Luke is a talented speaker and communicator but he is a pastor first. The Church could use a lot more like him."

John Kesler, Former Youth Leader at Christ's Church of Scottsdale